• February 29, 2024

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Legal Case Management Software

Simple to use. Customisable. Every work type. CaseLoad is a fully integrated legal case management and legal accounting system built to help law firms operating in the UK. Remote and mobile working capabilities have never been more important for legal teams. CaseLoad allows you to manage your cases from anywhere, at any time, on any device.       Our probate case management software allows solicitors to efficiently manage their client's estate and populate the HMRC forms in a matter of seconds. The software module boasts specific tools to help automate the production of the Inventory, Petition and other Tax Forms, along with tools to record all the assets and liabilities of an estate, automated matching to receipts and payments – including seamless integration with the Legal Accounts solution. Automated generation of the Final Account of Charge and Discharge or Capital, Income and Distribution. Probate Calculations Our probate legal software includes financial profiles for relevant parties, providing automatic calculations and recalculations, sensitive to data being entered into the system. Calculations include:
  • Asset listing with income posting, showing probate / accrued / realised / income
  • Full beneficiary details with legacy % revenue and totals after interim payments
  • Liabilities listing
  • Summary of chargeable estate and tax liability
  • IHT corrective accounts
  • Asset / liabilities / legacy / income and expenditure summary reports
  • Individual share allocations, calculated to 3 decimal places
Our Probate Case Management Software can work alone or seamlessly with our Legal Accounts interface, harnessing the existing power and functionality of Denovo but introducing a powerful, highly automated Probate solution. It offers an extra layer of functionality on top of the already powerful Client Relationship Management and Case Management tools offered by our whole practice management solution. Find out more about our Probate Software

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