New wills and probate practices open their doors

Roskilly and Mills, a new legal practice in Bristol, and Adkirk Law, a Preston-based firm, have both announced the launch of their new wills and probate practices. 

Preston-based firm Adkirk Law are launching a new wills and probate practice, to sit alongside its existing leading conveyancing practice.

The practice will be led by Hannah Clarkson, who joins the firm from Thurnhills Solicitors, where she worked since 2016 and completed her training to qualify as a solicitor. Hannah specialises in advising clients in respect of Wills, Trusts, and LPAs, as well as wider asset management and Probate.

Commenting on the launch, Linda Kirk, co-founder of Adkirk Law and Head of Residential Conveyancing, said:

“There is a natural synergy between conveyancing and Probate. We have always placed clients’ needs at the heart of our work and this development reflects a market need to serve as a single service point for people looking to buy and manage their properties and assets. We’re delighted to welcome Hannah to the firm to lead the practice.”

Hannah added:

“I’m thrilled to join Adkirk and to support in helping the firm achieve ambitious plans for itself, its people and its clients. With the conveyancing arm of the firm well established in the area, there was a clear need amongst clients for legal advice on managing and planning around their homes and assets, which we are now able to provide in full.”

Emily Roskilly and Lucia Mills also announced the launch of their new business, Roskilly and Mills, which will provide specialist advice to cohabiting couples pre and post-separation with a “holistic, transparent and empathetic approach”.

Emily explained how common law in marriage “is a myth”. She added:

“In the legal world, there is no such thing. The truth is that married couples have greater rights than unmarried ones, and unmarried couples and those who co-own property may need specialist legal advice. Contrary to popular belief, when there is a property dispute, this area of law is civil Law and not family Law – the two specialisms are governed by different Courts with different rules. When cohabiting couples separate, it is often a huge shock because one of them may end up with nothing – and huge costs!”

Lucia Mills addd:

“There have been calls to reform the law in this area, however, this is currently not being prioritised. We believe the law is out of step with modern-day society and there should be increased awareness for all unmarried couples.”

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