Legacy And In-Memory Giving On The Rise

Legacy And In-Memory Giving On The Rise

Kings Court Trust’s latest blog post looks at how legacy and in-memory giving will develop over the next 25 years. A recent report by Legacy Foresight shows the number of gifts left to charities in Wills each year is set to increase.

In 2018, charities in the UK reportedly received £5 billion through in-memory giving and gifts in wills. By 2045, the figure is set to double and reach £10 billion. This is due to various factors including rising death rates, more individuals leaving behind Wills, a higher proportion leaving gifts in Wills, and more people dying without children.

It is predicted that we are likely to see smaller charities making larger gains, with more people looking to make a difference to specialist and local charities during their lives and after.

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With more money being inherited by beneficiaries and charities, Executors face the challenge of administering more complex estates. Kings Court Trust are an award-winning estate administration provider who take care of the practicalities after death. If you have any questions about estate administration or how you can work in partnership with Kings Court Trust, call them on 0333 207 5470 or email [email protected].

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