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Lead generation and conversion best practice in legal services

The latest episode of The Today’s Wills and Probate podcast considers the tricky challenge of generating leads and converting sales de organisations across the legal services spectrum.

Joining host David Opie is Adam Stevens of The Law Superstore and Experts in lead generation, the platforms generate thousands legal service enquiries each month.

Adam shares his insight and experience with developing on and offline marketing channels to direct spend most effectively and achieve as high a return on investment as possible.

The Law Superstore and platforms provide a range of comparisons for consumers, one of which is inevitably price. However, and somewhat reassuringly for practitioners, Adam suggests that the trends they see through the platform indicate that price is not always the primary driver of lead generation.

“60% of the time people don’t go with the cheapest quote,” says Adam. Speed remains a critical part of success, adds Adam, with feedback from users suggesting that the first firm to call and build that rapport with the enquiry has the highest chance of success.

A lot of firms have been used to winning work organically, in that it comes to them rather than having to go out and find it. In an increasingly competitive space like Wills and Probate there will be times when firms will need to be more proactive and ultimately success is built on strong processes suggests Adam. Follow up in the first instance and then build a way to nurture the leads if they are not quite at the right point in time to buy right now.

Adam also provides some useful reminders on what tools organisations should be considering as part of their wider marketing mix to showcase their services, expertise and success; including networking events, social media, awards, review platforms and much more.

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