• November 29, 2023
 Law firm announces new Partner to join ‘female strong’ management board

Law firm announces new Partner to join ‘female strong’ management board

A specialist dispute resolution firm has announced the appointment of a new partner to the management board. Eleanor Stenson joined IDR Law in October 2020 and has been rapidly promoted to Partner due to her “dedication and sheer determination.”

Eleanor is officially appointed to the “female strong” management board from 1st April 2023. Her appointment as Partner has been said to “influence the future of the firm by supporting others in a way that wouldn’t have been possible anywhere else”.

IDR Law, a law firm that specialises in the resolution of contentious wills, probate and trust disputes, state that “as a lawyer and as a team leader she has developed immensely and has has stepped easily into a role as training and mentoring head for their team of lawyers, along with being chief editor and developer for the internal training support the IDRU”.

When Eleanor qualified, she commented on remembering the feeling of “immense responsibility that you suddenly get is quite overwhelming, you are given this grand title but you’re still very much learning and putting in to practice everything you have been building.” On her appointment Eleanor said:

“(Since joining) IDR, I enjoyed being part of something new to the legal market, a modern and flexible firm that put team members at its heart. I was given the opportunity to develop a team and from here my role grew, and I was now also responsible for the internal training and development of the team.”

I look to support and mentor by drawing from my own experiences of working with inspiring leaders (both lawyers and non-lawyers) and not forgetting those times in which I’ve floundered and needed a kind word or listening ear to get me through. Everyone should have the opportunity to achieve fulfilment in their chosen career and it is a privilege to be a supportive voice to those who need it.”

Martin Holdsworth, IDR Founder said:

“I am delighted that Eleanor accepted our invitation to become a partner at IDR Law as well as a member of the Management Board.

Eleanor has overseen the development of our internal training and mentoring structure, including our own learning platform, the IDRU and brings her own range of talents and interests to the leadership group. The rise of Eleanor comes as no surprise to anyone within the firm and illustrates how well Familyflex works. Congratulations again Eleanor!”

Katie Johnson, Digital Journalist, Today's Media

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