• December 2, 2023
 Kings Court Trust Launch New Probate and Estate Administration Website

Kings Court Trust Launch New Probate and Estate Administration Website

Kings Court Trust are pleased to introduce their brand new website: www.kctrust.co.uk. It presents an improved experience for professionals and families looking to find out more about Kings Court Trust – one of the UK’s leading probate and estate administration providers. The upgraded website is clean, contemporary and in line with modern viewing expectations. 

What’s new?
  • Simplified the layout of each page
  • Optimised each page, ensuring the viewer can focus on what matters most
  • Introduced more options to quickly contact their team of specialists
  • Improved mobile experience for viewers

The website also introduces Kings Court Trust’s new probate and estate administration solutions for Executors and Administrators. The additional services provide families with more variety so they can choose how much responsibility they wish to retain from the probate and estate administration process. The estate solutions include:

  1. Grant only

In this option, Kings Court Trust will obtain the Grant of Probate allowing the Executor and Administrator to collect in funds, pay any outstanding debts and then distribute and/or transfer the assets to the beneficiaries.

  1. Grant and assets

As well as obtaining the Grant of Probate, Kings Court Trust will collect in and distribute, or transfer a maximum of three assets to one or two beneficiaries. An asset does not include property.

  1. Grant, Trust and property solutions

In option three, Executors and Administrators can receive help with the complicated task of dealing with property or specific types of Trusts. They can choose from one of the following solutions:

  • Grant and transfer of property
  • Grant and Trust of property
  • Grant and Nil Rate Band Discretionary Trust
  1. Full estate administration

Kings Court Trust’s most comprehensive service that has always been available to families. This option allows Executors or Administrators to pass the responsibility to Kings Court Trust as they’ll take care of all the practicalities after death so families can focus on life’s important moments.

Click here to find out more about Kings Court Trust’s probate and estate administration solutions.

Click here to view Kings Court Trust’s new website. If you’d like to find out more about our probate and estate administration services, call 0300 303 9000.

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