• December 4, 2023
 Insuristic enhances Estate Administration Insurance service by partnering with Inheritance Data

Insuristic enhances Estate Administration Insurance service by partnering with Inheritance Data

Insuristic has announced a new partnership with Inheritance Data.  Insuristic will provide access to the Inheritance Data platform to help its direct and partner clients access a range of services to support its insurance offering.  The partnership will also see Inheritance Data offer Insuristic’s insurance products to its clients and partners.

Rob Faulkner, CEO of Insuristic stated:

“We get a lot of visits to our website from Lay Executors looking for insurance guidance.  Arranging insurance to protect the executors, personal representatives and beneficiaries can be complex.  As can understanding the asset, liability and will searches that are required to support arranging the right insurance policies. As our mission is to make insurance easy to understand and buy, integrating Inheritance Data’s services within our insurance proposition makes a lot of sense.  This is another service we have decided not to monetise, we just wanted to make our offering slicker.  We also like the fact that Inheritance Data’s services are suitable for both our direct and partner clients and that we have been able to secure a discount on the Asset and Liabilities search. Plus, Inheritance Data will also be promoting our insurance products to clients and partners visiting their online portal”

Inheritance Data will provide the following services to Insuristic’s clients and partners:

  • Financial Asset Search to help executors locate all the assets due to an estate, whilst demonstrating they have conducted a thorough search.
  • Liability Search to help executors identify and settle any estate debts and liabilities. Conducting a search will also help obtain a reduced Section 27 Insurance Premium.
  • A Certainty Will Search from the National Will Register. Conducting a Will search is generally a requirement when purchasing Missing Will Insurance.
  • Placing a Section 27 Gazette Notice to remove the personal liability of executors and personal representatives for any potential liabilities to creditors of the estate. This can be supported by Section 27 Insurance (which can be arranged without a Section 27 Notice for a higher premium) to also protect the liabilities of beneficiaries against claims from creditors to the estate.
  • National Insurance Number search to help executors locate the NI number of the deceased.
  • Digital Asset Searches to extend the Asset and Liability Search to over 50 further organisations and online providers.

Inheritance Data will be providing the following Insuristic services to its partners and clients:

  • Unoccupied Probate Property Insurance
  • Land Insurance
  • Early Distribution Insurance
  • Section 27 Insurance
  • Missing Will Insurance
  • Missing Beneficiary Insurance

Daniel Cane of Inheritance Data said: ‘We are impressed with the broad insurance proposition that Insuristic has developed for the Probate market.  When they approached us to discuss a potential partnership, we felt it was a great fit for us.  We also like the various products they have in development which will further strengthen our partnership.  Plus the fact Insuristic can provide insurance to both lay executors and professional clients, helps us to offer these products within our portal to enhance our own offering.

To find out more about Insuristic, please visit – https://insuristic.co.uk/

To find out more about Inheritance Data, please visit – https://inheritancedata.co.uk/

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Insuristic is a digital first insurance broker. This means most of our products can be easily purchased online. We make insurance less complicated and tailored to our client’s needs. Which gives you and them the confidence that the insurance should respond when its needed. What's more, there are no hidden costs. We don't take big commission from our insurers, nor do we charge you fees. This means we don't charge to receive, change or cancel an insurance policy. We are committed to transparency. We tell our clients what we earn up front in our terms of business agreement, which is provided with each quotation. Insuristic has developed a broad range of products for the probate market which could save you and your clients time and money.  Plus, we only work with A Rated insurance providers with a proven claims service. This will give you the peace of mind that comes with working with a probate insurance specialist. If you work with Insuristic, we can also help you embed Insurance into your proposition:

  • We can provide property and estate administration insurance for your clients; and
  • For firms with an FCA exemption, we can provide you with the option to quote and issue policies in-house for some products.
Lastly, Insuristic has an affiliate program that pays commission on any introduced sales for the lifetime of the policy. Key services
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