Client blog: Who should be the Executor of a Will?

For your clients, selecting the Executors of their Will can be a difficult decision. They may have questions about who to appoint and the restrictions in place. To answer their frequently asked questions, Kings Court Trust’s latest blog covers: How to choose an Executor Can an Executor be a beneficiary? What happens if you don’t […]

Bereavement Has Far-Reaching Effect on Millennials and Gen Z – Legal Professionals Help

Bereavement, the experience of losing a loved one, can have a significant impact on individuals of all generations, including Millennials and Gen Z. As Exizent’s 2023 Bereavement Index report revealed, 78% of people responsible for estate administration (executry in Scotland) are aged 18 to 44. The impact of bereavement is shaped by various factors including […]

Diary of a conveyancer shares personal experience

Last week (6th November) we shared a feature written by our Diary of a High Street Conveyancer, which covered the volume of marketing and increased post from suppliers when putting up a property for sale. There are sad circumstances around this sale, but the volume of collateral coming through, and then further marketing when the […]