Exclusive Probate Report Protects Legal Advisors’ Professional Indemnity

Distinctively placed, DevAssist have created the only reports of their type in the country which audits sites for development risks and opportunities.  

Their management team are uniquely placed to serve the legal industry due to having a vast amount of knowledge in the property, planning and development industries.  

DevAssist can massively improve legal advisors’ client care levels and in turn, provides valuable clarity to property buyers/sellers by making purchases safer and eradicating development risk.  

DevProbate is a new, pioneering product providing a comprehensive report that will explore the potential hidden value of commercial and residential property. 

Who should use DevProbate? 

This one of a kind report is widely used by solicitors, estate agents, asset managers, accountants and debt recovery experts. Furthermore, the general public who own a specific asset or piece of land and wish to fully investigate development potential themselves. 

What is DevProbate? 

A report which assesses and seeks to discover the possible hidden value or alternative use of commercial and residential pieces of land or assets by ascertaining development potential. 

It primarily looks at assessing development potential and whether the property would gain from being formed as part of a larger development, assessing the likelihood of such a project taking place, explanation of current land use designations and what they mean for the property. It also estimates the property’s capacity for potential development and assesses the alternative uses of the plot. 

A DevProbate report will explore the residential and commercial asset’s potential under 0.25 acres and the findings will be delivered to you in 5 working days. 

Why is it a vital product? 

Legal advisors will have reassurance that they are not under or over selling their clients’ assets as a change to the value of a property can be relayed to the seller/buyer before the transaction takes place. The report also seeks to protect legal advisors’ professional indemnity and helps professionals achieve the best outcome for their clients. 

Furthermore, HMRC are periodically making checks on property assets being sold, this report gives legal advisors reassurance that they have sufficiently evaluated any development potential. 

Once such case which highlighted the need for a DevProbate report was a beautiful listed property in Berkshire with great views over open land to the South. 

The estate could sell for a high price due to its appealing location and type of property. However, the value was dramatically decreased after a report was carried out revealing a major expansion of the town for the next 2 years. The search showed plans to build a school and housing development which would obscure views. This made sure that the purchaser did not overpay for the listed building but unfortunately, the seller had to settle for a much lower price in comparison to what they may have achieved originally. 

The outcome of the report helps probate practitioners, administrators and executors have clear and realistic expectations when they’re dealing with the estate of loves ones –  this assists the process, ensuring there are no surprises for your clients when it comes to realising the value of their assets. 

This article was submitted to be published by DevAssist as part of their advertising agreement with Today’s Wills and Probate. The views expressed in this article are those of the submitter and not those of Today’s Wills and Probate.

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