Diary of a conveyancer shares personal experience

Last week (6th November) we shared a feature written by our Diary of a High Street Conveyancer, which covered the volume of marketing and increased post from suppliers when putting up a property for sale.

There are sad circumstances around this sale, but the volume of collateral coming through, and then further marketing when the property didn’t sell within a few weeks.

This volume of collateral was clearly overwhelming for her client, but it got her thinking just how much do people receive at these time of their lives.

I am acting on the sale of a property for a relative who is selling the property on behalf of his father – it is very sad circumstances.

It is always interesting to hear what happens in the lives of those selling or buying in relation to the transaction as there are things that we don’t know about. What has been interesting in this matter – and I believe that it is the same for all transactions – is the volume of marketing that is sent to the property, and I think it is incumbent on those sending the marketing material to take a position on this. When the property was first put on the market, there were letters and brochures from cleaning companies and gardeners, asking if the house needed cleaning or the garden needed tidying.

When the property did not sell within the first eight weeks, then marketing from other agents started to arrive – some of it was quite defamatory about the agent selling the house. Why had that agent not sold the property? Was it overpriced?  Statements that they should change agents as because the house had not sold, it must be the agent’s fault.

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