Death notification service launched for utilities

A death notification service enabling families and practitioners to notify utilities providers when a customer passes away has been launched. 

Deceased account management service Phillips & Cohen Associates (PCA) has partnered with E.ON Next to build the NotifyNOW platform which sits on the utility provider’s website and can be accessed through an embedded link. The customer or individual acting on their behalf clicks on the link and is taken to a form with basic questions to provide contact details, probate status, creditor information, landlord details, meter readings, and who is taking over the account, if known.

Nick Cherry, Chief Operating Officer at PCA, says that by offering an online platform, PCA is helping to support a better customer experience which is essential at a time which is already challenging:

“For E.ON Next’s customers, representatives of the bereaved no longer have to contact a call centre or speak to anyone in person if they don’t wish to. People can simply go online and fill out the form at a time that is convenient to them, outside of office hours, 24/7, without requiring any personal interaction unless they actively seek it.”

Tracey Smith, Third Party Commercial Manager at E.ON Next, adds:

“We have worked with PCA for more than 15 years and they have supported us and our customers in many ways, not least the training our staff to better manage customers at what is an extremely emotional and difficult time.

“NotifyNOW is another way in which we are trying to help our customers by making the process of passing on essential information to us as easy and convenient as possible.”

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