The only time you’ll need paper…

Running a business means you are always looking for ways to cut costs, save time and increase client satisfaction. Countrywide Legacy’s paperless system allows you to do exactly that!

Going paperless not only saves your business precious time and money, but it is also a huge step in improving your customer service.

With Countrywide Legacy, it’s simple. You do not need to produce a single piece of paper throughout the whole instruction taking process! Our software even allows you to create electronic Client Notes, Order Notes and To-Do Task Lists, and our latest new digital illustration tool means you and your business can go completely paperless!

Countrywide Legacy will save you hours of administration time and a faster document turnaround for your clients, so more client satisfaction!

Don’t just take our word for it!

Our current users believe that Countrywide Legacy is “the best software” in the legal sector which has allowed the running of their companies to “become so much smoother” and “helped generate new fees”.

“Since using the Legacy software the process for our company has become so much smoother. We can now input and produce an order summary within 10 minutes and are looking forward to the upcoming updates on the software so we can improve our service even more.”

The Right Will

“Countrywide Legacy has helped my business to utilise the fool proof system of information gathering. I wouldn’t have a business without it.”

– Lovelace Trust Solutions Ltd

“Countrywide Legacy has helped my business generate new fees, huge uplift in client perception of advice service, multiple referrals and client retention. Favourite feature of Countrywide Legacy is the pre-population of fields.”

– CRN Financial Group

“Countrywide’s Legacy Software is the best ever and it keeps getting better and better with continual improvements and an impressive development program. But Legacy is not just a piece of Software because you have all of the Countrywide legal expertise and marketing help at your disposal: I really feel part of a team and I recommend them to everyone who wants to offer a professional Will & LPA service to their clients.”

– Interface Trusts

Our users are also pleased with our latest addition, the Will Clarity Package, where you are able to generate a Will Clarity and Execution statement, all at the touch of a button.

“I provide ALL my clients with Countrywide Legacy’s Will Clarity Statement and Execution Statement. It’s the very best I can do to make sure their estate planning is as robust as possible. My clients have told me how pleased they are that I am able to provide them with this additional level of protection and feel much more satisfied that their wishes can be clearly understood and documented even after they are gone.”

– Bowman Estate Planning Ltd

“Fantastic addition to the Countrywide Legacy Software, I’m providing my clients with a Will Clarity Statement each time I do a new instruction. Better safe than sorry!”

– Strategic Wills.

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