Certainty Expert Webinars presents Gifting of P’s assets – avoiding the pitfalls

Certainty Expert Webinars presents Gifting of P’s assets – avoiding the pitfalls

We are pleased to welcome Mitra Mann, Senior Associate, Tracy Ashby, Partner and Danielle Pawson, Associate at Wright Hassall who will be presenting our upcoming Certainty Expert Webinar on Tuesday 23rd November at 12.00pm, titled ‘Gifting of P’s assets – avoiding the pitfalls’.

Over the last few years, the OPG has received many concerns and complaints regarding actions taken by attorneys and deputies, particularly in respect of the management of a protected person’s property and affairs.

It is not unusual for the OPG to take steps to remove that attorney/deputy upon the conclusion of their investigations – or to suggest that the attorney/deputy makes an application to the Court of Protection to seek retrospective approval of a financial decision previously made by them.

This webinar will raise awareness of the scope of powers and duties of an attorney/deputy, particularly when making substantial gifts from P’s estate, and is aimed at solicitors or private client professionals who regularly advise attorneys/deputies on the scope of their powers; and those who make applications to the Court of Protection.


  • The law surrounding gifting by attorneys/deputies
  • Making unauthorized gifts and its consequences
  • Making an application to the Court of Protection
  • The Court’s approach to substantial gifting

Places for the webinar are limited so register for your free place now.


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