A solicitor’s top tips for productivity

The legal sector is a highly pressurised environment. For many who work within it, the time constraints and stress can have an impact on focus and efficiency. One solicitor provided Today’s Wills and Probate with their top tips to remain productive – here’s what they said.

This is a collection of sources I have turned to in order to pull myself out of a negative spiral of “I’ve had enough”, including some podcasts, calendars, and YouTube videos.


Calendar for time management

One tip I was given is keeping a track of where my time is going. While I haven’t gone out & bought a calendar, I print a week’s worth from Outlook and use the “Daily Style” for the week (it will come out on 7 pages). I use the Task List to write down the 3 things I definitely need to get done and the “notes” bit to write down which matters I did actually work on and the calendar to scribble what I’m doing at what time. This might give you an idea of where your time is going.



8 Strategies to Remove Distractions to Improve Focus and Productivity – On Purpose with Jay Shetty

Distractions are everywhere. When you’re eating, taking a walk with your dog, having coffee with a friend, or even when you’re rushing towards work, there is always something that can take our attention away. And when we lose focus on our task, we become unproductive which means we get less things done. This can be very frustrating. In this episode of On Purpose, Jay Shetty talks about different ways we can divert our attention and lessen the impact of possible distractions that may come our way.

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7 Ways to Be Productive Even When You’re Tired – On Purpose with Jay Shetty

Too tired to work. Too tired to move around. Too tired to just do anything. When you’re too exhausted you lack the energy to finish what you need to do, you lose the chance to accomplish important tasks and it only leads to more stress and frustration. It becomes a stumbling block, that when left alone and unaddressed, can become problematic and may affect your routines. In this episode of On Purpose, Jay Shetty shares with us the best practices that can help us regain our strength and replenish our energy to remain productive.

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YouTube videos

How to stop procrastinating:

Pomodoro Technique –  (my daughter started using this one – we just kept asking why her alarm kept going off!)

How to concentrate: Dandapani & Jim Kwik (this one actually works – I’ve been following his podcast on how your brain works!)

6 ways to be more productive working from home – Jay Shetty

What Sugar Does To your Brain (ok, this might not go down well with those of us who turn to food for comfort/stress eating!)

Sleep is your Super Power

Overcoming Overwhelm – Hannah Beko (might help manage anxiety and workload)



If you haven’t read “Think Like A Monk by Jay Shetty”, it’s good one to grab on kindle as I found I was getting angry and irritated over little things!

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