A personal insight into Lasting Power of Attorney

In a recent blog published by the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG), Zoe, a 52-year-old audiologist from Macclesfield, shares her journey on establishing a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA).

Zoe, who has worked in the NHS for 34 years and is a mother of three, including a 21-year-old autistic son, emphasises the importance of setting up an LPA due to her own health condition, epilepsy, and the unexpected death of her husband six years ago.

Zoe decided to appoint her twin sister, Nina, as her attorney, citing their lifelong closeness and Nina’s unwavering support as the key reasons. They have shared not just a childhood but also major life events, including standing up for each other since they were young and supporting one another during Zoe’s time of loss. Despite living 200 miles apart, their bond remains strong, with regular visits and phone calls.

Zoe underlines the reassurance that comes with having an LPA in place, knowing that someone trusted will handle her financial and health decisions if she’s unable to do so. She highlights the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of an LPA compared to court processes, advocating for others to consider setting one up.

According to Zoe, the unpredictability of life, as evidenced by her husband’s sudden demise, underscores the need for such legal safeguards. Her personal account in the OPG blog serves as a testament to the peace of mind and security an LPA can provide, urging others to make informed decisions about their future wellbeing and that of their families.

Read full blog here.

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