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A day in the life of a private client lawyer

Scott Walker, a consultant solicitor with Richard Nelson LLP is the latest guest on the Today’s Wills and Probate Podcast, joining host David Opie to discuss the ups and downs of his working life as a private client practitioner.

Scott is one of a new breed of consultant lawyers who effectively work for themselves whilst operating under the umbrella of a larger legal brand. It’s a hybrid way of working and enables individuals to strike out on their own, with some of the security of working for a firm with associated marketing, technology, admin and indemnity insurance support.

Scott shares what a day in the life of his varied practice looks like; and provides some insight into his productivity tips, working in person and on zoom/teams, and how he is managing client expectations around using technology, delays and unbundling legal services.

Technology is a growing part of the legal profession and Scott explores how he is adapting to using more technology as a practitioner and how he is adapting his practice to cater better for clients.

Asked about what he enjoys about his work, Scott discusses his love for helping people make important life choices and supporting them through that decision making process. Pressed on what he doesn’t enjoy Scott explains that issues outside of his control which impacts the client, like delays, make the maintenance of the client relationship tricky. He also raises the issue of sales and how he has had the change his mindset from being in an employed role where the work is largely provided by the firm, to being more reliant on his own efforts to generate work.

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