WillSuite set to launch new Client Portal

WillSuite set to launch new Client Portal

WillSuite continues the recent release of  new system features which includes:  user CPD logs, default CRM field options and a new LexisNexis integration enabling users to complete KYC checks on clients. Yet, it does not end there.

The latest news out of WillSuite HQ is the launch of a new client facing portal called ‘Love Legal Connect’(or ‘Connect’ in short). Tom Stansfield, Head of Growth, stated: “Everyperson and their dog has a client portal these days and it was therefore important to us that our product stood out  in the market and I believe we’ve achieved that”.

The new solution has been developed by WillSuite’s sister company Love Legal, and it is aimed at  integrating with the WillSuite platform. Connect has now been in use for over a month with selected companies who have had the opportunity to use it already. WillSuite is now pleased to announce the official launch and all users will now be able to add this to their WillSuite package.

Connect enables firms to be able to further automate the process of their clients journey. Specifically, thanks to the new tools enabling the following:

  • Firms can request information on when a client would like an appointment with pre-populated options.
  • The users’ clients are able to fill in their own information, including their case address book. Meaning that, spelling errors can be eradicated and drafting times dramatically reduced.
  • Custom questionnaires can be created and emailed to the client at any point during the customer journey and the data can automatically populate the client case fields.
  • Documents can be sent to clients for electronic signing which is recorded, time stamped and fingerprinted. Perfect for documents such as terms of business or where a client has declined to accept specific advice.
  • Documents can also be sent to the client through Connect for approval. If the client is not happy to approve documents then they can reject the documents and submit feedback; and
  • Firms can also request documents from the client which the client can automatically upload into their own case file. Examples include copies of I.D, marriage certificates or even a scanned copy of the attestation page of a Will.

“Feedback on the newest solutions has been overwhelmingly positive and we are pleased that the launch has come around in such a timely fashion.”

commented Phil Grillo (Head of Customer Support).

WillSuite user, Jade Gani of law firm Aston Bond, has been effusive in her praise of Connect and has already taken to sharing functionality in an article in ‘Entitlement’ profiled here on Today’s Wills and Probate. Moreover, Ms Gani discusses the Connect system on the Title Research podcast (available here).

Anyone wanting a demonstration of the Connect solution is welcome to contact the WillSuite team who will be happy to show off the new feature and provide information about how the system is helping transform law firms.

Simply click here to arrange a convenient time.


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