WillSuite launches new invoicing feature

WillSuite launches new invoicing feature

WillSuite has just launched another new feature enabling users to offer ‘Secure Pay by Link’ thanks to our Stripe Integration.

Using the Stripe Payment Gateway, you can now send your clients a link to pay their invoices online securely. The clients will be able to click a link and view the invoice raised and make the relative payment.

By utilising this new service, you will benefit from the automatic reconciliation of your invoicing within your WillSuite dashboard which will update upon your clients make payments. Better still, these payments will be paid directly to your bank account.

Over half a million pounds worth of transactions went through WillSuite last month alone. This development to our invoicing system will help firms to easily track their cash flow. Meaning that as well as being able to see any overdue invoices at a glance, you will also be able to chase these up from within WillSuite.

Now, when you send invoices to your clients from within the software you will have the option to also include a ‘Secure pay link’, making it even easier to accept card payments. While you will also be able to resend invoices to clients who you have previously created invoices for.

Where you have clients with overdue payments, you will be be able to resend the payment link and update the invoice status:

Having the ability to offer online payment solutions will help small businesses to grow without barriers or constraints while also relieving some of the pressure on the accounts teams of larger practices.

In this post-pandemic world, it is becoming all the more clear that cash payments are fundamentally being replaced by card only routes. This is evidenced by the increasing amount of daily transactions which are turning to card only routes, such as the transport sector at large as well as the shopping and food delivery services.

Setting this up on WillSuite is simple. All you need to do is:

o to your ‘Company Settings’ by clicking on your name in the top right corner.
Then click ‘invoicing’ from the column on the left hand side
And finally clicking the Stripe button to connect


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