Why Exizent has again chosen to be the Networking Sponsor of the British Wills and Probate Awards

Exizent’s explicit purpose is the make the experience of bereavement easier for all involved – including those legal professionals doing excellent work helping the bereaved. This purpose is enabled by high standards and by all involved in the sector working together. By highlighting success and talking we can address the problems that exist and strive to do even better.  We are delighted therefore to continue our Networking Sponsorship, for the third year, of this year’s British Wills and Probate Awards, brought to us by Today’s Media.

Since its launch in 2018, The British Wills and Probate Awards continues to recognise the work of businesses and practitioners up and down the country in the wills and probate sector. The awards now enter their sixth year and will be hosted at a new venue, The Kimpton Clock Tower Hotel in Manchester, on the 11th of October 2023 – they promise to be even bigger and better than before.

At Exizent, we cherish our involvement on this special evening, as we believe that it is important to recognise outstanding achievements, and innovation, and celebrate excellence in the Wills and Probate sector.

The British Wills and Probate Awards are set to attract over 400 industry professionals and will reflect on recognising the very best in the industry across a diverse scope of categories.

Aleks Tomczyk, Managing Director of Exizent, commented:

“Following last year’s successful event, Exizent is delighted to be returning as the Networking Sponsor of the awards. Sponsoring the 2023 British Wills & Probate Awards is a fantastic way to demonstrate our belief in the work the industry does. Ultimately, it’s about what difference we can make to clients by working together.

We are also delighted to be a Category Sponsor for the ‘Customer Service Champion’ Award as the ultimate customer outcome is crucial to all of us.

We look forward to celebrating with the winners and all those shortlisted – the companies and individuals who are making a real difference to their clients at what is a difficult time for them.”

Celebrating the industry success

Given the software innovation we are bringing to the sector, and the knowledge there is lots more to do both to help probate practitioners and the financial services companies involved in probate we felt it was important to continue with our sponsorship of the networking element within these prestigious awards.  It reflects our trust in the industry’s endeavours and enables meaningful connections to be made to the benefit of all. It offers us a unique opportunity to contribute to a more promising future in the sector and allows us to make a sustainable impact and difference in the lives of legal practitioners and law firms.

Having a sponsorship affiliation with the British Wills and Probate Awards gives us the opportunity to meet with many key players in the industry and to celebrate all the hard work law firms and legal practitioners do in the United Kingdom every day.

We are extremely enthusiastic about getting to meet and network with some of the most forward-thinking individuals and organisations within our industry space. Our mission is to help everybody reduce uncertainty in the bereavement process, increase the speed of resolution, and make the process more straightforward for everyone involved. Partnerships like these with the British Wills and Probate Awards allow us to ensure that we are best positioned to understand the needs of our customers and the challenges they face as well as to share best practices.

Congratulations and good luck to all the shortlisted nominees. We look forward to celebrating the exceptional achievement of all the companies and individuals.

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This article was submitted to be published by Exizent as part of their advertising agreement with Today’s Wills and Probate. The views expressed in this article are those of the submitter and not those of Today’s Wills and Probate.

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