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We’re all human, we all make mistakes

Joining the latest Today’s Wills and Probate Podcast is Dan Temple, an expert in acknowledging and understanding the human impact of working, and managing employees and businesses. The discussion centres on creating effective and high performing teams, and what steps law firms can, and should, be taking to enable this in their business.

Dan leads Cobalt Human Solutions, a training consultancy which focuses on creating effective teams, drawn from his own experiences in the Royal Air Force as part of the Chinook helicopter crew.

The podcast discusses how creating high performing teams requires a number of key elements. Dan describes how trust and accountability are paramount.

  • There should be a clear objective and vision which can be communicated to the team
  • Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and people understand their own contribution to success
  • Processes and procedures are in place that ensure the training is effective
  • People have to have the ability to get on with others; they don’t necessarily need to like one another, but there must be mutual respect

Ultimately, says Dan, the environment and culture of the workplace is where the success and failure of organisations is derived. He suggests that one of the key failings he identifies in many businesses is a blame culture; the inability of staff to be open, honest and appropriately challenge – what Dan describes as a “just culture.” Staff are fearful of doing something wrong, rather than challenging management.

As well as root cause analysis, Dan encourages organisations to conduct “pre-mortems” – the idea being that you spend time identifying potential pitfalls in a plan and anticipate how you might deal with them should they arise.

And if you ever wanted to understand how the difference between egg mayonnaise and aircraft is relevant to leadership and management, listen in to this insightful and entertaining discussion.

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