How video marketing can fast-forward client enquiries

How video marketing can fast-forward client enquiries

As the legal world evolves, so will the way in which legal services are delivered.

In order to keep up with changing client needs, it’s vital that you understand how best to connect with consumers, with video set to be the most effective tool to date.

As explained in Solve Legal’s free Video Marketing White Paper, the benefits of using video to engage with clients are being tapped into by a growing number of firms, and it’s not hard to see why. Over 50% of people watch videos online everyday; by using it in the legal market, firms are able to engage with consumers in a way that they’re familiar with, setting them apart from competitors and delivering results fast.

How is the market changing?

With access to hundreds of firms at the tap of a screen, the legal market has shifted in favour of the consumer. The online world has provided choice along with the ability to compare firms, meaning those looking for legal assistance are no longer forced to choose the local firm at the end of their high street.

Whilst choice is never a bad thing, the huge number of options available for consumers can often be overwhelming.

Analysing costs and ploughing through paragraphs of legal jargon can just present your potential client with more problems – the last thing they need when they’re desperately in search of a solution.

How do you show the consumer that your services are right for them?

In order to stand out amongst competitors, it’s essential to engage with the consumer in a way which demonstrates that you’re on the same page. Law firms are often daunting places for potential clients, so it’s vital to show that you understand their problem, whilst at the same time, informing them how your services are best equipped to get it sorted.

What’s the best way to do this?

As the freshest and fastest growing marketing tool, using video to connect with clients is one of the most effective ways to stand out above competitors and grab the attention of consumers.

Already harnessed by some of the biggest legal firms such as Stephensons and RPC, businesses are only just starting to realise the promotional benefits that video marketing has to offer, not to mention the versatility of this new marketing tool.

How can using video help your firm?

Having recognised the specific benefits that video marketing can have for law firms, Solve Legal has created a free White Paper explaining how your firm can take advantage of its untapped potential in the legal market.

Specifically targeting the legal sector, this detailed White Paper covers:

  • How video marketing can establish your firm’s brand and boost engagement.
  • The different types of videos that your firm can benefit from and the ones which will suit your firm.
  • How to implement videos into your firm’s wider marketing strategy.

To download your free White Paper and discover how your firm can fast-forward client enquiries, click here.

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