Today’s Wills and Probate Podcast Launches

Today’s Wills and Probate Podcast Launches

Today’s Wills and Probate have launched our first podcast available below and via your podcast provider.

In this first episode, Tom Lyes talks to Nick Cousins, co-founder and CEO Exizent, a business whose aim is to digitise the probate process.

During their discussion Nick explains how Exizent came about and their vision to build the UK’s first digital bereavement platform designed to bring together individuals, legal services, and the institutions which hold the our personal data such as banks and pensions companies.

Tom and Nick also discuss the results of The Bereavement Index 2021 which identified:

  • 88% of legal professionals think the bereavement process is ‘slow and inefficient’
  • Professionals say waiting for financial institutions is biggest cause of delays, causing 64% of their clients to become stressed
  • 40% of those who recently lost someone say their mental health was affected by dealing with the administrative side of their death

Commenting in the discussion, Nick said

Our aim is to make the lives of those going through the bereavement process easier. One of our strengths is that we’ve no legacy in this space; we’re coming at this with fresh eyes. Through our research to help us stitch all our experiences together to build something that makes sense for everyone in the process.

Listen to the podcast here:

For more information about this podcast, and to get involved in future podcasts please contact David Opie [email protected] 

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