These most important questions when it comes to your client's Will...

These Are The Most Important Questions When It Comes To Your Client’s Will…

…and they are all answered in our Will Clarity Statement.

As you are aware, a Will only contains WHAT your client wishes to do with their assets…

Time and time again we are hearing about claims against Wills succeeding due to a lack of notes within the Will file. Often these notes are inadequate, go missing or their meaning is lost in translation with the passing of time.

In response to this, we have developed a Will Clarity Package that automatically generates a Will Clarity Statement and Execution Statement, which explains the reasons behind the decisions in the Will.

Every Will writing company and Solicitors firm should be offering their clients a Will Clarity Statement when drafting their Will. Not only does it explain the WHY behind your wishes but it also includes the WHERE, the WHEN, the HOW and the WHO. The Will Clarity Statement is then signed by your client and stored with the Will for safekeeping.

Our Package also manages the entire execution process where you can automatically compile an Execution Statement, reducing your risk of any doubts on its validity. This can be electronically signed by your client, providing a comprehensive audit trail to refer to in the future.

Contact us now so you can protect both your business and your clients against claims.

Are you keeping your notes on the margin of the instruction sheet? There is a much better way. Watch our video to learn more!

Contact us now so you can protect both your business and your clients against claims:

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