The researchers behind Channel 4s Key To A Fortune

Blanchards, renowned as one of the leading probate research firms nationwide, takes center stage in Channel 4’s latest show, Key To A Fortune. Probate research involves the identification and tracing of beneficiaries entitled to an estate. This task arises when the deceased, known as the intestate, has not left a will and close family members cannot be located to claim the estate. In such instances, Blanchards expertise in genealogy is essential to locate the nearest heir. Often, the beneficiary may not have had any prior connection to the intestate, being a distant relative. It falls upon Blanchards to locate these beneficiaries, inform them of their entitlement to the estate, and initiate the process of transferring their newfound inheritance.

Key To A Fortune

Channel 4 was captivated by this premise, leading to the creation of Key To A Fortune, which will prominently feature Blanchards over the upcoming months. The show will spotlight their adeptness in tracking down high-value estates and properties. Blanchards provided 5 of the 6 cases featured throughout the series. The programme will showcase their involvement, highlighting properties valued at over £600k, underscoring both their significant worth and the newfound wealth of the beneficiaries.

Imagine trying to decide what to do if, from nowhere, you inherited a property you didn’t know existed? In this brand-new series Jean Johansson follows the hunt to track and trace the rightful inheritors to properties who have been left by a distant relative who didn’t leave a will – and surprise them with their unexpected windfall. With millions of properties waiting to be reclaimed, we follow inheritors as they see their new property for the first time, discover how much their inheritance is worth and reunite with family members they’ve never met. And after taking advice from a property expert, together they must decide, do they keep it in the family or sell their Key to a Fortune? – Synopsis from Channel 4.

The properties

Moreover, the show will emphasize the aspect of property renovation, a common theme in our work. Many of the properties we handle are in dire need of renovation, and beneficiaries face the decision of either selling them at auction for a quick fortune or renovating them to increase their value. This dynamic will be highlighted throughout the series.

Blanchards story

Blanchards’ journey began in 2011, founded by Adam Blanchard, a native of Thanet. Starting as a modest family enterprise with Adam and his daughter Sophie, Blanchards have evolved into a thriving international heir hunting firm with a skilled and expansive workforce. From humble beginnings sharing an office hallway in Deal, the team has grown to 25 members, with two sister companies based in Ramsgate. Now poised to receive national recognition, Blanchards take the spotlight in the new primetime show Key To A Fortune. Adam Blanchard shared a few words: “Over a decade later, we have grown  into one of the countries largest probate research firms, finding substantial new wealth for people all over the world. To go from a 2 man team to featuring on national television is beyond exciting”

Key To A Fortune airs every Sunday 5:15 pm on Channel 4.

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