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The Perfect Lawyer

The latest Today’s Wills and Probate podcast welcomes Simon McCrum to discuss the contents of his latest book “The Perfect Lawyer” with host David Opie.

There isn’t much Simon McCrum doesn’t know about running a law firm having been there, done it, and got the t-Shirt. In this discussion Simon shares a little about his background and how he came to run the fastest growing law firms in the country before its acquisition.

He now shares his experience with other law firms as a management consultant and author of 2 books, “The Perfect Legal Business” and “The Perfect Lawyer,” and through the course of the discussion Simon provides some fascinating insight into what he considers he did well, and what lessons he learnt along the way; all of which he includes in his books.

He describes how he encourages firms to find and use differentiators across their business and create a culture of buy in across the firm. “The ultimate differentiator is service, but the ultimate challenge is living that” says Simon. He encourages firms to take a long hard look at their business and ask themselves if they are truly offering a “Bentley service, for a Bentley price.”

He moves on to discuss the content of “The Perfect Lawyer” in which he suggests the perfect lawyer is someone who has both pride in their own work and skills, and takes pride in, and understand their responsibilities to, the business; describing how “perfect lawyers” are nurtured by firms.

This insightful discussion with one of the most passionate and experienced professionals we’ve had on the podcast is a “must listen” for law firm leaders and aspiring leaders.

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