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The importance of faith in my legal career

Recorded in the week before the British Wills and Probate Awards 2023, this latest podcast explores the role faith plays in Yasmin Hoque’s legal career. A practicing Muslim, Yasmin explores the way her faith has shaped her career to date firstly as a lawyer based in London, and later as the founder or AL-HQ Law & More, based in Southampton.

The discussion explores the importance her faith plays in her work; both in her local community and in the wider legal community where she has spent time educating peers on the practicalities of Islamic wills and Sharia-compliant wills.

A recent post on LinkedIn highlighted the role that alcohol plays at large scale events, and particularly at legal events, and the challenge that this presents to those choose to abstain from alcohol for religious, health or lifestyle reasons.

The post gathered a huge number of reactions and comments and was widely praised for raising awareness of a topic that can be divisive. As Yasmin explains, different people and religions have different tolerances of alcohol, and even within religion there are degrees of tolerance.

This is not to prevent others from having alcohol should they wish; and Yasmin is clear that there is no judgement on others. Rather the point is that event organisers should be better prepared to facilitate the religious, health and lifestyle choices of attendees. Indeed there is plenty of evidence to suggest that young people (18-24) are drinking less alcohol than ever before so we must be more open about those choices.

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