• November 28, 2023
 The Complete Guide to Executor Insurance

The Complete Guide to Executor Insurance

Insuristic, a specialist insurance broker to the probate market, has written The Complete Guide to Executor Insurance to help executors and personal representatives understand the insurance policies that are available protect them and beneficiaries.

The guide covers the key insurance policies that anyone acting as an executor or administrator should be considering.

The role of an executor or personal representative carries with it great responsibility.   If anyone involved in administering an estate makes a mistake, it could create liabilities for all the executors, personal representatives, and beneficiaries.  These risks can usually be insured against via a range of insurance policies.

This guide has been written to help both professional and private executors.  It is split into sections, which also suggest the order in which each policy should be considered:

  1. Insurance to review immediately
    1. Unoccupied Property;
    2. Occupied Property; and
    3. Land Insurance
  2. Insurance to consider whilst preparing for the Grant of Probate
    1. Section 27 Insurance – provides insurance protection against claims from unknown creditors after the estate has been distributed. Cover can be purchased with or without a Section 27 Notice.
    2. Early Distribution Insurance – protection if the estate needs to be distributed without waiting for the 6 month waiting period to end;
  3. Insurance to consider when you are ready to distribute the estate
    1. Missing Will Insurance – covers the risks associated with a newer will being discovered after the estate has been distributed.
    2. Missing Beneficiary Insurance – covers the risk of a either a known or unknown missing beneficiary coming forward to make a claim against the estate after it has been distributed.

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Insuristic is a digital first insurance broker. This means most of our products can be easily purchased online. We make insurance less complicated and tailored to our client’s needs. Which gives you and them the confidence that the insurance should respond when its needed. What's more, there are no hidden costs. We don't take big commission from our insurers, nor do we charge you fees. This means we don't charge to receive, change or cancel an insurance policy. We are committed to transparency. We tell our clients what we earn up front in our terms of business agreement, which is provided with each quotation. Insuristic has developed a broad range of products for the probate market which could save you and your clients time and money.  Plus, we only work with A Rated insurance providers with a proven claims service. This will give you the peace of mind that comes with working with a probate insurance specialist. If you work with Insuristic, we can also help you embed Insurance into your proposition:

  • We can provide property and estate administration insurance for your clients; and
  • For firms with an FCA exemption, we can provide you with the option to quote and issue policies in-house for some products.
Lastly, Insuristic has an affiliate program that pays commission on any introduced sales for the lifetime of the policy. Key services
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