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The Bereavement Index 2024 reveals continued struggles with estate administration in the UK

Exizent has announced the release of Chapter One of the highly anticipated 2024 Bereavement Index report.

Earlier this year, Exizent initiated a comprehensive research project, engaging with individuals who have recently experienced bereavement and were involved in the administrative aspect of death.

Their goal was to understand and document the challenges faced by those tasked with administering an estate during such a difficult time.

In Chapter One, they highlighted several critical issues including mental health, the expectation gap, cost and access to help. These insights emphasise the urgent need for improvements in how estate administration is managed to better support those who are grieving. Some of the key findings from the index revealed that 63% who struggled financially had their mental health affected and 91% of people found at least some of the bereavement process stressful. What’s more, 56% of executors involved in the process said it took longer than expected.

To read Chapter One of the 2024 Bereavement Index report, download it here for free.

Looking ahead, Chapter Two of the 2024 Bereavement Index will delve into the perspective of legal firms that handle bereavement cases.

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