Synergy Conference 2022 – the new way to do CPD

On September 28th this year, a brand new event is taking place in Colchester, Essex.

Brought to you by LawSkills, Leading Legal Minds and PLG, The Property Ladder Group, the Synergy Conference will see its doors opening for the very first time.

With delegates booked in from across the UK, including Lincoln, Manchester, Devon and London, the question is why exactly are legal professionals traveling so far to attend a CPD conference in Essex?

Well, this is the first CPD conference of its kind, but the idea has been in place for the best part of five years now. Darren Leggett, Managing Director of PLG, said:

“I have been attending CPD Conferences as a Sponsor for many years. Some of them are great, some not so much, but one thing they all are, is the same year in, year out.

I have seen first-hand people nodding off during the day at various points, which tells you everything you need to know! For what people pay to attend a conference, that is an expensive nap!

Solicitors are there because they have to be, and Sponsors likewise – yet very few from both sides feel they get much from the day.

Our vision was to bring a new way to do CPD, with a conference people would want to attend that offered interaction and real life learning. We wanted it to be fun, and really put our own spin on things – the biggest part was ensuring we combined forces with the best in the industry – enter Gill Steel!”

As everyone knows, Gill is the leading speaker in the UK for all things Private Client related. Her name is one that people recognise and her reputation is unquestionable.

Gills passion for learning is not just admirable, it has seen her create new ways of learning including her “Introduction to Probate” – a new online educational series that has proven a phenomenal success!

But why did Gill agree to be part of this venture?

“As some will know, I had retired from travelling and come away from the ‘in person’ conference circuit. In fact, I was meant to have my ‘goodbye’ conference a couple of years ago, but then Covid hit and scuppered those plans!

I have known Darren, Helen and the PLG team for very many years, and their approach to how they do things reflects my own views on collaboration and working together to ensure the customers journey is both cost effective and as stress free as possible. Darren and I had discussed the idea of hosting a conference many years ago, and with life having returned to normal it made sense to launch it now, something I am very excited about indeed!”

So what can attendees expect on the day?

Well, firstly the location of the conference is beautiful. Prested Hall is a wonderful listed building with breath-taking gardens. There is a really lovely feel to the place – it doesn’t feel like a conference hall as it isn’t one!

The way the CPD is being delivered is different too. In addition to Gill, we have the very charming Martin P Holdsworth speaking, providing updates on matters including:

  • Tax
  • Probate
  • Pensions
  • Wills
  • Power of Attorney
  • Trusts
  • Digital Assets
  • IPFD Claims

So, when we look at CPD we really are covering the main topics.

In addition, we will be working on a “real life” scenario, which will provide problem solving for a more unusual potential case.

We have asked our very generous Sponsors to join us on stage for this part, so you will not just gain a better understanding of how best to interact with firms available to you, but also how and when they can fit into estate administration.

So, that’s a full day of learning taken care of…. but what else is different?

Helen Graham added:

“Well, being the foodies that we are, we decided to come away from ‘conference chicken’ and provide something a little bit nicer. We don’t want to ruin any surprises, but needless to say tummies will be full. We have even had the chef put together a ‘Dessert Wall’ which will feature over 300 mini treats, we fully expect this to be empty by 2pm!

There is also breakfast, coffee, tea and cupcakes prepared by a local business especially for you.

We also have a very special treat at the end of the event – free drinks including Pimm’s, Prosecco, Gin and beers aswell as a selection of soft drinks for those of you who are driving.”

To top it off we have an acoustic guitarist who will be playing from 5pm for those of you who would like to relax with us and enjoy the gardens/network or take the chance to grab Gill and fire any other questions you may have at her.

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This article was submitted to be published by the Property Ladder Group as part of their advertising agreement with Today’s Wills and Probate. The views expressed in this article are those of the submitter and not those of Today’s Wills and Probate.

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