Sponsor Spotlight: Property Solutions Group

Sponsor Spotlight: Property Solutions Group

The fifth rendition of the annual British Wills and Probate Awards is becoming ever-closer. As we count down to the 20th October at the Grand Hotel in Birmingham, our “Sponsor Spotlight” series will highlight the progression, innovation and achievements of all our sponsors who make the event possible. Here, we speak with Property Solutions Group, Headline Sponsors of the British Wills and Probate Awards 2022.

First of all, tell us who you are and what you do

Property Solutions Group is a single source of property services for legal professionals. We offer end-to-end, practical property solutions that enable legal professionals to support their clients professionally and financially. There are so many tasks that come up due to the passing of the owner or to acquire funds for specialist care, and they are usually time consuming and frustrating to deal with.

That’s where we come in. We take on literally any job that is getting in the way of completing the legal process – from low-cost insurance, selling the property with zero fees, maintenance requirements, house clearing – even valuing and rehoming a pond of koi carp! You name it, we can take care of it.

Why are we sponsoring the awards?

The British Wills & Probate Awards are basically the Oscars of our industry, so we are excited to be sponsoring this event for the second year running.

As suppliers to the industry, we know how much everyone continues to innovate and identify ways to raise the bar on customer experience. This event is a wonderful way to forge better relationships and celebrate all the fantastic contributions from people across the wills and probate world.

Off the back of last year we’ve seen a big increase in our profile, and as a result we have started working with new clients and partnered with companies like Tower Street Finance to expand our suite of solutions.

The property market has been rampant and volatile over the last 12 months. How has this impacted your work?

We have seen big increases in buyer demand and marketing activity with more competition coming into the market space. This means it is more important than ever to manage buyers’ expectations. Continuing to offer a full and fair service is paramount. One example is our Zero Fee Open House model, which even for an average priced house can make a significant saving for the estate. For example, sellers’ fees of around 1.5% can amount to £5,400 if they use a high street estate agent.

With the pandemic now behind us, what did you take from that period of upheaval, and how do you think it could benefit the sector moving forwards?

The time has given us an even deeper understanding of what our clients want and need. Our experience, expertise and knowledge have allowed us to expand and tailor our service offering accordingly.

Like a lot of businesses, we have used the opportunity to reflect and adapt our processes. It means we can continue to deliver a high-quality service and the best customer experience possible.

What changes or improvements do you see need to be made in the wills and probate sector over the next 12-18 months?

Like everything at the moment, there are continuous issues with rising costs along with the length of time that probate takes to be granted. There are new challenges coming along all the time, including an increase in contested wills. All these things will put greater pressure on legal teams both in workload and time which, as we all know, costs more money and affects the customer experience.

What are you doing to lead or be part of that change?

We know that we can make a difference to the quality of service that legal teams can offer by continually expanding our services in line with what they need help with. Legal professionals should be concentrating their time on fee earning and saving their clients money – leaving us to concentrate on our areas of expertise.

Do you have any messages for the sector and the firms and individuals entering this year’s awards?

At the event last year it was great to see how effectively our sector was collaborating and supporting each other. We need to celebrate together the hard work, innovation, and proud delivery of our legal teams.

So, don’t be shy. Get involved. You’ve got to be in it to win it – just getting shortlisted is a great way to promote your firm and demonstrate the quality you are delivering.

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