Sponsor Spotlight: Inheritance Data

Sponsor Spotlight: Inheritance Data

The fifth rendition of the annual British Wills and Probate Awards is becoming ever-closer. As we count down to the 20th October at the Grand Hotel in Birmingham, our “Sponsor Spotlight” series will highlight the progression, innovation and achievements of all our sponsors who make the event possible. We’re delighted to welcome Inheritance Data as this year’s Solicitor Firm of the Year National category sponsor at the British Wills & Probate Awards.

First of all, tell us who you are and what you do?

Inheritance Data are one of the leading asset search providers in the UK. Providing services to Solicitors and Probate Professionals, the Inheritance Data asset search looks for all accounts and policies that are due to an estate prior to distribution, helping professionals to save time and streamline their probate process, as well as supporting compliance and risk by aiding the requirements for due diligence.

Inheritance Data recently uncovered £210,000 in previously untraceable shares for a client. How was this achieved?

Until recently, it has not been possible to search the complete FTSE 350 across Equiniti, Link and Computershare for possible share holdings. With exclusive rights to the largest database of up-to-date holdings available, Inheritance Data conducted a search on behalf of our client who was aware of a few holdings within Equiniti but was most surprised to see the report with over £210K worth of shares held within Link and Computershare. Within every asset search, we include our industry leading share search which also provides the number of shares held to allow for a quick valuation.

Since sponsoring the Solicitor Firm of the Year (National) category at the 2021 Awards, what has been the key development within the wills and sector, and why?

It is so great to see the amount of technology becoming available throughout the sector. We are overjoyed to work with some amazing partners who by using technology, are able to provide bereaved members representatives and the legal sector the support and services that they deserve.

How do you see the sector evolving over the rest of 2022 and beyond, and how will Inheritance Data continue to develop?

Further to the development over the last year, we cannot wait to see what further introductions of tech and services continue to emerge over the remainder of the year. We are excited to announce a new partnership which will allow our service to be available to a much wider audience and continue to help benefit professionals and executors with our leading technology. Our ability to integrate with systems, allows us to continue to offer our clients the best possible process and user experience to further help speed up the probate process.

What made you support Solicitor Firm of the Year (National), and what is your message to its entrants?

It was great to be involved last year and see two of our wonderful clients in the final 3. We continue to work with an increasing number of local and national firms and love to see the service they offer their clients and how they go above and beyond in what is a difficult time of bereavement. We wish all entrants the best of luck and look forward to seeing you all at the awards evening.

What have been Inheritance Data’s biggest achievements this year?

We have come on leaps and bounds this year but it has definitely been supporting our clients and seeing our team go above and beyond to help with difficult cases and ensuring our service can be reached by one of our many partner firms as we continue to add more services and exceed expectation for asset searches.

Can you share an exciting piece of news or company update with us?

There is lots to come but you will have to wait and see. Throughout 2022, we have been working extremely hard behind the scenes to maximise the quality of our asset & share search, bring on board new services and most excitingly expand our reach through a variety of leading partners to provide education and services where it is most required.

What would Inheritance Data like to be known for the most?

We have an incredible team here at Inheritance Data that continues to grow, we have always been proud of offering our users the best possible customer service excellence and providing the most comprehensive asset & share search of course!

Thank you to Inheritance Data for their support for The British Wills & Probate Awards 2022.

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