• April 19, 2024
 Solutions to issues with MyHMCTS

Solutions to issues with MyHMCTS

Gill Steele has shared some of her solutions with regards to regular issues practitioners are having with the MyHMCTS system.

Taking to LinkedIn, she wrote:

“Many of you have experienced difficulties logging on to HMCTS for the online probate application. Did you know that the best browser to use is Chrome or Firefox. Do NOT use Internet Explorer.

“Also, lots of you have raised the problem of the verification code taking too long to come through. Originally, it was only available for 5 minutes but apparently the period was extended to 90 minutes some time ago so if you are still experiencing difficulties it is likely to be a firewall problem in your firm’s IT structure. You need support help to address this. Currently, the support team are able to turn around an enquiry within 3 – 5 working days so contact them at myHMCTSSupport@justice.gov.uk to set up a session for them to get on your computer remotely to sort it out for you.

“Someone also asked me whether you need to send in two copies of a Will with paper applications still, even though you do not need to do this with online – the answer to this and many more similar questions can be found in the updated Guidance. You do not need to send in two copies of the Will in any case – online or paper.”

What issues are you having with the MyHMCTS system?

Jennifer van Deursen