Sheffield solicitors become Dementia Friends

Sheffield solicitors become Dementia Friends

A Sheffield firm of solicitors, PM Property Lawyers, have trained their entire team to be Dementia Friends, with the twin aims of supporting their clients and helping to make Sheffield a more dementia-friendly city.

The incidence of dementia is on the rise, with 850,000 people in the UK already living with the illness. Nearly 7,500 people in Sheffield are predicted to be affected by 2020. The Dementia Friend training means that the PM Property Lawyers’ team can put their knowledge into action at work, at home or anywhere it’s needed.

Harvey Harding, Head of PM Property Lawyers, explains: “There’s an increasing likelihood that we will come across clients with dementia and we wanted to be able to support them and give them the best possible service. Making a will and setting up Lasting Powers of Attorney are very important after a dementia diagnosis, but there’s also the possibility that they will need conveyancing services too, for example if they are moving into care and selling a property. So it makes sense to train all our team, so they can help across the board.”

Peter Moore, Manager of the Wills, Trusts and Probate team, adds: “With all our team trained as Dementia Friends, it’s not just our clients who will benefit. All the team will be able to use their training when they’re out and about in the area, helping to make Sheffield a more manageable place to live for people with dementia.”

Kath Horner, from Sheffield Dementia Action Alliance, ran the training sessions, which focus on the experience of living with dementia and how to minimise stress and anxiety when dealing with someone who has the illness.

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