• February 29, 2024

Remember A Charity


We know that Britain is a generous society. However there is evidence of a disconnect between people’s intentions to give money to charity in their Wills and those doing so. 35% say that they would leave money to charity in their Will, but only 6.3% of the UK actually do so. With your help, we can change this. Remember A Charity works in collaboration with 200 member charities, the Government and campaign supporters including the Law Society and the Law Society of Scotland, to do what no single charity can do alone – making legacy giving a social norm. You can make sure that your clients include everything they care about in their Will by simply reminding them that leaving a gift to charity is an option. A report published by the Cabinet Office, working in partnership with Remember A Charity, The Co-operative Legal Services and the Charities Aid Foundation, showed that when professional advisors like you ask their clients if they would like to leave a gift to charity in their Will, they were twice as likely to give. Further research by the Behavioural Insights Team and the University of Bristol showed that 74% of the public would be happy for their solicitor to mention leaving money to charity, once they have taken care of their family. All we ask is that you give your clients the full picture and let them know that they can look after everything that’s important to them. Family and friends should come first, but a gift to their favourite charities, once they’ve taken care of loved ones, can make an enormous difference. Key Services

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