The process of executing probate can be highly taxing, especially when property is involved. The traditional estate agent takes on average 6-9 months to sell a property – this can draw the probate process out considerably, causing prolonged and unnecessary upset. That’s without considering the risk of an offering falling through (which currently happens to 1 in 3 sales).

Proffered is a property investment specialist simplifying the way people sell probate property in the UK. We partner with a variety of solicitors and probate professionals to provide a tailored and seamless selling route for their customers. We offer home sellers a fast and guaranteed alternative to the open market, and can facilitate a sale in as little as 7 working days.

Our technology led approach to valuations means we can provide an accurate, competitive offer fast. Alternatively, if the property has already had an independent valuation, we can use this as the basis of our offer.  We then agreed a completion date with the seller, and expedite the legal and conveyancing processes to fit in with our client's timeframe.

Our service means we can offer will executors certainty and security that a property sale won’t complicate or delay the probate process.

Key Services

  • Guaranteed sale
  • Bespoke Time Frame
  • Fully Managed Process


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