• April 12, 2024
 Over 2,000 charities benefit as online wills gain popularity

Over 2,000 charities benefit as online wills gain popularity

An organisation that has helped over 2,000 charities to benefit from charitable gifting through wills has reported a surge in business as more people begin to leverage the accessibility of online wills.

Founded in 2018 by Carl Christensen, FreeWills creates a positive impact that benefits both legacy donors and a wide range of charities.

Carl said that the platform is currently averaging over 100 wills a day and hopes that this will continue as they urge the public to use the “free day” that the Leap Year brings to focus on their finances and benefit charities at the same time. He added:

“It has long been reported that as many as 60% of UK adults have not made a will and we are urging them to make writing a Will a priority for 2024.

We understand that time is an issue for many, so we thought, why not use the “extra” day that the Leap Year brings to get people to take a look at their legacy? Let’s be frank, there’s all manner of other life admin tasks that we tend to put off, despite our best intentions and various resolutions that, come February, have drifted somewhat. So why not earmark the 29th of February to crack on with this?”

FreeWills is a full member of The Society Of Will Writers. In late 2023, FreeWills reached a major milestone, having helped their charity partners to benefit from charitable gifting through wills on the FreeWills website to the tune of £100 million. Carl said:

“FreeWils works with charities of all sizes, across all sectors and we are all about bringing good causes and the people who want to support them together and we can do that through our free will writing service. There is often a focus on will writing in October and March through the “Free Wills Month” campaign which benefits a more specific group of charities and is great in terms of raising awareness of this critical topic.

However, we want people and charities to know that with us, every month can be a Free Wills Month and we don’t have the age limits. So on February 29th we are asking people to take the leap and make that decision to make a will and make a difference.”

Katie Johnson, Digital Journalist, Today's Media

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