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New report supports wills and probate sector market intelligence

Shortly after launching a quarterly market intelligence report into the conveyancing sector, new start-up Valafy has arrived in wills and probate.

Founded by Karen Babington and Chris Harris, Valafy is a new cost-effective business intelligence service which aims to provide actionable business insights in the form of benchmarking reports by collating data in a confidential and anonymised format.

By participating in a quarterly questionnaire with information sourced from their case management systems, wills and probate practitioners can gain access to a powerful tool: an amalgamated, anonymised report highlighting how they compare to their peers on key performance indicators.

Armed with this information, firms can confidently identify areas of strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to make the strategic adjustments and ultimately improve their profitability.

Karen Babington, co-founder of the business, said:

“Prior to the launch of Today’s Wills and Probate, I carried out extensive research into the wills and probate sector and struggled to find data which would support business growth in the sector. There is an abundance of ambitious businesses in the industry and I hope Valafy can support them in achieving superior performance in this important area of law, for the benefit of everyone.”

Chris Harris, co-founder and an entrepreneur in the conveyancing market, said:

“Wills and probate practitioners can improve their profitability by knowing if they are charging enough. What can we do to earn more money is a question I am most often asked when consulting for firms.”

Early bird pre-registrations are already open – firms can sign up without obligation.

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