New “International Succession Network” will aid international wealth transfers

New “International Succession Network” will aid international wealth transfers

A group of international inheritance and succession experts has formed a new organisation: International Succession Network (ISN). ISN will assist individuals, family offices and other professional advisors on international succession matters around the world.

ISN assists private individuals who want to plan their succession efficiently, both from a legal and tax perspective, as well as individuals or legal advisors who need assistance in succession proceedings or claims or wish to defend inheritance rights.

More than one million families worldwide deal with succession issues each year and, despite the implementation of the European Succession Regulation in 2015, international succession continues to be complex and raises many difficulties for families. ISN is a unique new network which pools together the knowledge and skills of leading succession advisors around the world to help families find the right solution. Will planning, succession agreements, trusts and generational business transfers are just some of the tools we can employ to ensure the secure transition of assets across generations.

ISN’s initial membership consists of Italian notaries Remo Bassetti and Arrigo Roveda, French notary Caroline Deneuville, Swiss notary Gilles Benedick and English solicitor Mara Monte, partner at Withers. In the coming months ISN plans to announce new members in Spain, Germany and the United States and is enlisting other leading succession advisors in other key locations to bring together a select group of notaries around the world.

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