Mental Health Awareness Week – your employee toolkit

Mental Health Awareness Week – your employee toolkit

Property recruitment firm deverellsmith has launched an “employee toolkit” with the aim of protecting the mental wellbeing year-round of employees within the industry.

The toolkit contains five tips to combat loneliness in the working from home era, as well as a “positive vibes playlist” and some useful contacts for mental wellbeing.

Download a copy of the toolkit here

deverellsmith said:

“This year’s #MHAW theme is #loneliness, something that has a significant impact on individuals and can often go unnoticed.

We’re strong believers that an employee’s (and an employer’s) wellbeing should be valued year-round. To raise awareness of the importance of mental health and the challenges it can bring, deverellsmith has created a toolkit to help individuals put a focus on their wellbeing, specifically when working from.”

Jamie Lennox