Man poisoned couple and rewrote will

In a case at Chelmsford Crown Court, 34-year-old Luke D’Wit faces allegations of murdering Stephen Baxter, 61, and Carol Baxter, 64, the proprietors of Cazsplash, a shower mat company in West Mersea, Essex.

Prosecutors claim that D’Wit, who described himself as being like an adopted son to the couple, fatally poisoned them with fentanyl in April last year. The day following the discovery of the Baxters’ bodies, D’Wit is said to have forged a will making him the main beneficiary and gaining significant control over Cazsplash.

Prosecutor Tracy Ayling KC highlighted the creation of a dubious will by D’Wit, alongside the theft of Carol’s jewellery. Additionally, D’Wit is accused of deceitfully influencing Mrs. Baxter through a fabricated online support group and providing false medical advice under the alias Dr. Bowden. The couple’s daughter, Ellie Baxter, reported suspicious behaviour by D’Wit, including his management of her mother’s medication and concoction of unpleasant-tasting drinks believed to be medicinal.

The investigation revealed a complex scheme of deception, including the creation of fictitious identities to validate the forged will. Further incriminating evidence was found with the discovery of a metal tack in Mrs. Baxter’s pelvis, identical to those found in D’Wit’s possession, and sold at a local DIY store.

The trial brought to light the tragic circumstances under which the Baxters were found dead in their home, with toxicology reports indicating fentanyl poisoning. Despite the lack of clear evidence on how the drug was administered, the prosecution argued against the possibility of accidental ingestion.

D’Wit, denying the murder charges, remains under scrutiny as the trial progresses, unravelling the details of his alleged manipulation and murder for personal gain.

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