Locating people, it’s what we do

This short film advises of a recent case where we assisted a Court of Protection solicitor to locate an estranged family member.

In this case, we were instructed to find the client’s daughter whose whereabouts were unknown. Whilst mother and daughter had lived together for much of their lives, they had more recently parted ways and lost contact with one another.

Due to the client’s increasingly precarious state of health, and after acknowledging that she had a daughter but being unable to provide any other pertinent information, the decision was made to start the process of locating the daughter.

Once found, the daughter could then be advised about her mother’s deteriorating health, and perhaps the matter of a potential reconciliation could also be raised.

We went about our work and soon managed to trace the current address of the daughter – she was not local at all; in fact, she had moved to the opposite end of the country.

We passed this verified information onto the law firm – our work here was done.

So, it’s not only for probate purposes where we do our people-finding thing. Our tracing skills have been used for a wide range of other legal purposes, and something we are always happy to look at for legal professionals.

Get in contact with us to find out more via 01473 350 350 or our dedicated legal query mailbox: legal@angliaresearch.co.uk

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