Lawyer Checker looking for law firms to pilot new enhanced risk solution

Lawyer Checker seeks law firms to pilot new enhanced risk solution

An exclusive risk management provider, Lawyer Checker is looking for law firms to pilot their newly developed enhanced risk solution which protects probate professionals and charities from fraud.

Designed for probate practitioners to identify the risk of fraud when transferring legacy funds from law firms to charities, ‘Charity Checker’ provides enhanced risk management in the transmission of legacy funds, by checking the accounts details of a charity you are sending funds to against a unique database.

Founded in 2011, Lawyer Checker is a widely used and highly accredited fraud protection service used by conveyancers and their clients. Lawyer Checker is best known for its conveyancing risk tool Account & Entity Screen, which verifies the legitimacy of the law firm on the other side of the transaction.

Today, they have a full suite of products which are designed to provide comprehensive fraud protection for firms. Their intelligence and data combined with information and knowledge they have collected over many years allows them to identify market weaknesses and failures in the legal sector. They also understand the risk of cyber-crime to the legal sector and are a certified body for Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus, offering a range of cyber security products and services to help firms defend against internet borne threats. They create solutions and opportunities using technology, products and services that solve these issues by educating and protecting lawyers.

The probate sector has seen a rapid change during COVID-19 for legacy monies to be transferred by BACS rather than by cheque, coupled with the move to remote home working for both probate practitioners and charity legacy officers. Sadly COVID-19 has also meant that charities are facing severe financial challenges, as well as being targeted by fraudsters with reports of a rise in fake charities emerging.

This has contributed to an identified risk of fraud for both law firms and charities when transferring legacy funds from law firm to charities.

Charity Checker was formed during the pandemic in 2020 to protect probate lawyers from the increased risk of fraudulent activity when transferring funds to a charity at the end of the probate process.

As a probate professional it is your duty to distribute legacy monies as per the deceased’s wishes. Charity Checker assists by;

  • Verifying whether the Bank Account Details provided are recognised and are of those of the Charity providing a layer of protection against fraudulent behaviour
  • Minimising human error
  • Saving time
  • Instantly assessing the risk
  • Providing an auditable report to assist with compliance
  • Accessing over 12 different data sources that are relevant to charities to provide a comprehensive report
  • Dealing with all sizes of charities.
  • Providing evidence of robust risk management procedure for your insurer and regulator.
  • Allowing you to get your risk management checks completed early.

If you are interested in piloting Charity Checker and/or would like more information please email


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