Law Society Group publishes gender pay gap report

Law Society Group publishes gender pay gap report

The Law Society Group (the Group) has published its gender pay gap report for 2020.

The report details the combined results of the Law Society of England and Wales and Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), which are one legal entity but operate independently.

Our 2020 median pay gap between women and men is 11.8%, which is lower than the current UK median pay gap of 15.5% (Office of National Statistics 2020*). The mean Group pay gap between women and men is 13%.

The 2020 Group median bonus gap is 5.6% – with a mean bonus gap of 24.1%.

A Law Society Group spokesperson said:

“As a Group, the increase in the median pay gap from last year is predominantly caused by a shift in percentage between female and male in the lower middle quartile.

“There are different bonus schemes operating throughout the Law Society Group. Variation in bonus percentage and a small number of outliers have contributed to an increase in the bonus gap, albeit the gender balance of staff across the Group receiving a bonus has improved.

“Around 62% of the Law Society Group workforce is female including many managers in the upper quartile.

“There is still much more to be done. The Law Society and SRA have targeted action plans in place to address this challenge and the Group is committed to being a fully inclusive workplace.”

For more details on the report click here.

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