ISO 27001 Certification: Exizent’s commitment to data security

Exizent recently achieved ISO 27001 certification, an internationally recognised standard for information security management systems.

This award underscores our team’s hard work and dedication to ensuring the utmost security and confidentiality for our customers and their data.

But what does it mean for our customers? We cover some of the main ways it impacts our users.

“ISO/IEC 27001 is the world’s best-known standard for information security management systems”

ISO 27001 Certification: What it Means for You

Securing Your Data

ISO 27001 is entirely focused on information security. This isn’t simply about encrypting data (which we also do) – it covers the entire organisation’s approach to managing information. In every aspect of our business, we ensure there’s commitment, planning, and the right resource available to protect our customers.

Your data is important to you. We take your trust seriously and treat it as a prized asset. Securing your data is built into everything we do.

De-Risking Your Work

Risk is about two things: likelihood and impact. Our primary goal is prevention. We’ve built security into our platform from day 1 and that commitment is still as strong as ever. ISO27001 also covers how companies react when the worst happens: separation of roles, business continuity planning, data backups and much more are inspected during our certification.

What’s best is our approach to reducing risk on your behalf has been examined and validated through independent audits.

Simplifying Procurement

We know the importance of supplier security when evaluating software and providers. It’s even covered in the ISO 27001 standard itself. Many organisations won’t consider a supplier without it.

Knowing our certification is there enables us to focus on demonstrating the other great features of our software and how we can improve your workflows.

“With cyber-crime on the rise and new threats constantly emerging, it can seem difficult or even impossible to manage cyber-risks. ISO/IEC 27001 helps organizations become risk-aware and proactively identify and address weaknesses.”

Continual Improvement

Cyber security is a fast-moving threat. ISO 27001 recognises this – there’s a whole section on Continual Improvement.

In the same way our cloud-based software continually releases security patches and addresses vulnerabilities, at Exizent we’re doing the same thing with our processes and actions.

Independently Validated

The best part of all? You don’t have to take our word for it.

ISO 27001 is an international standard obtained by some of the biggest companies in the world. They’ve had their processes and security management system audited by independent third parties to say they meet the same standard as Exizent.

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