Is Technology Really Only For The Young?

Is Technology Really Only For The Young?

Time and again, we hear Will Writers and Solicitors proclaim that taking client instructions on paper is what their clients expect and in particular, that their more elderly clients would certainly not be comfortable with them using a paperless system.

But is this really the case?

Let’s take an everyday example of what happens on a typical visit to your local GP.

Irene, an 84 year old lady is feeling unwell and decides a visit to see her Doctor is necessary. Having worked her way through the various automated phone options of press 1 if you want to……. Press 2 if you want to …… Press 3 if you want to be cut off and start all over again, she has successfully managed to make an appointment to see her GP.

The day for her appointment arrives and on arrival at the surgery Irene must check herself in for her appointment using the automated check in service and then patiently waits for her name to appear on the digital patient call display which will tell her which room to enter and which Doctor she will be seeing today.

Irene discusses her symptoms with Doctor Jekyll and he accesses her medical information electronically using his PC and making notes directly onto his PC. Puzzled by her symptoms he requires some assistance with making a diagnosis and so undertakes an online search for more information on what might be the cause of Irene’s symptoms and what treatment is recommended.

Happy with his findings on “Google” the Dr Jekyll prescribes the correct medication for Irene and issues a prescription for her using his online electronic system which, owing to Irene’s age and mobility issues, is electronically sent to the pharmacist of her choice to be dispensed and delivered to her home the next day.

Irene thanks the Doctor for his time and calls for a taxi to take her safely home.

This entire process from start to finish occurred without the use of a single piece of paper!!

So why are we trying to hold onto paper? Is it really our clients or is it the instruction takers resisting change?

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