Introducing the spring 2022 edition of Entitlement from Title Research

Introducing the spring 2022 edition of Entitlement from Title Research

The spring 2022 edition of Entitlement, Title Research’s news digest for legal professionals, is now available to download completely free of charge.

Entitlement is a digital magazine produced by genealogy and asset repatriation specialists, Title Research. It features informative and insightful articles, all written by experts in the legal industry.

The spring 2022 edition of Entitlement features:

  • An article by Lorraine Jeffery, Partner at Michelmores LLP, who discusses the topic of dealing with difficult Executors who cause the administration of an estate to grind to a halt. Lorraine covers the warning signs that a removal application may be on the cards, the tools at a beneficiary’s disposal, and the costs involved.
  • An article by Raegan Leather, Associate Solicitor and Head of Wills, Trusts, and Probate at Woollcombe Yonge, who reveals the current details of an ongoing, complicated intestacy case at her firm and provides insight into the process from a Solicitor’s point of view.
  • An overview of mitigating risk on intestacy by Title Research, including the steps that can be taken to protect Personal Representatives.
  • An insight into protecting Personal Representatives. Title Research cover the different types, costs, and insurers’ normal requirements when it comes to Missing Beneficiary Indemnity Insurance.
  • A look at how Title Research can provide specialist support for estate administration.

We hope you find the topics discussed informative and of value to your private client practice.

Click here to download your free copy of Entitlement.

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