Insuristic Launches Estate Finance

Insuristic Launches Estate Finance, a New Deferred Finance Solution for The Estate Administration Market which help executors fund the cost of estate administration, whilst helping estate administration professionals improve their cashflow.

Rob Faulkner, CEO of Insuristic stated:

“we wanted to develop a solution that addresses a couple of challenges for the estate administration market.  Firstly, we know that a lack of funds can force executors and beneficiaries to consider the DIY route or buy a limited Grant of Probate application service.  This can increase the risk of liability following mistakes for executors and beneficiaries.  A finance facility would give executors the choice to buy a more comprehensive service to better protect themselves and the beneficiaries.  Secondly, we know a lot of firms defer their fees until the estate is distributed, which must be hurting their cash flow.  Insuristic Estate Finance solves these problems with a low interest draw down fund for the executors to cover estate expenses.  The loan doesn’t need to be repaid until the estate is distributed.  Each time there is an expense, the executor asks the fund to pay our partner, who will then pay the service provider.  Lastly, we wanted the fund to be affordable for everyone, so we have decided not to charge any fees or earn commission for its use.”

Insuristic has appointed FSL Finance as its provider for Insuristic Estate Finance.

Insuristic Estate Finance is exclusive to Insuristic and its partners, offering the following benefits:

  • The fund can be used to pay for legal, insurance and other property related costs.
  • Once accepted, the executors can request the fund pays each estate expense up to a pre-agreed limit of £15,000.
  • Each payment is sent directly to Insuristic’s partner to settle with the provider as an estate expense.
  • The cost of the funding is low at just 1.5% per month.
  • There are no arrangement fees; and
  • There is nothing to pay until the estate is distributed.

Corin Holness, Chief Relationship Officer at Funeral Safe, said:

“We’d seen the good work that Insuristic was already doing in the estate administration market.  When they approached us with the idea for Insuristic Estate Finance, it was an easy decision for us to make.  The market needs this kind of solution.  We also thought it was refreshing that Insuristic didn’t want to earn from the finance arrangements.  They just want to do the right thing for everyone involved in estate administration.  We are excited to partner with Insuristic and support them on the growth of Insuristic Estate Finance.”

Insuristic Estate Finance is a valuable solution for estate administration professionals, as it can help them improve their cashflow, differentiate their service and provide their clients with access to a more comprehensive estate administration service.

To learn more about Insuristic Estate Finance, visit

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