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Inheritance Data launch new NI Number Search service to assist Administrators and Executors

In the United Kingdom, a National Insurance Number (NINO) is a unique identifier for individuals used primarily for tax and social security purposes. When a person passes away, there are certain steps that often require the National Insurance Number of the deceased.

  1. Notifying government agencies: The death certificate and NI Number should be used to notify government agencies, including the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), about the person’s passing so that records can be updated accordingly.
  2. Inheritance Tax: If applicable, the estate of the deceased person may be subject to Inheritance Tax. The deceased’s assets and liabilities will be assessed, and the relevant IHT forms completed including the NI number.
  3. Informing the National Insurance Contributions Office (NICO): It is essential to inform the National Insurance Contributions Office (NICO) about the death of the individual. NICO will update their records and ensure that the National Insurance Number is no longer used for tax and social security purposes.
  4. Handling other financial matters: The deceased person’s financial affairs, including bank accounts, pensions, and investments, should also be dealt with in accordance with their will or intestacy rules, records of which may be held by organisations under the NI number.

Therefore, if the NI Number is not readily available when the administration of an estate is in motion, it can provide a multitude of complications and delays.

Inheritance Data have launched a facility to uncover this vital piece of information to assist in streamlining the process for executors and administrators whilst conducting vital due diligence.

The additional service takes around 14 days to complete and can seamlessly be used as part of our Financial Asset & Liability Search request.

Daniel Cane, Operations Director said;

“We’re delighted to be able to bring our NI Number Search to market.

We work hard to understand the needs of our clients and the challenges they face when administering an estate. With this new addition we can further show our dedication and focus on building a probate services platform that delivers on our promise to streamline the estate administration process and reduce risk.”

The service adds to a toolkit of estate administration products established to assist Executors and Administrators with the challenges faced on a daily basis.

For more information on the NI Number search or any other services Inheritance Data offer, please visit or email

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