Inheritance Data continue to build on their most comprehensive Share Search.

Inheritance Data continue to build on their most comprehensive Share Search.

Further to the recent release of our Industry leading Share Search, Inheritance Data is proud to be the leading provider in offering a complete and comprehensive Search of the complete FTSE 350, LSE Main & AIM and Aquis Exchange along with Venture Capital Trusts.

With our unique and exclusive rights to the biggest database of up-to-date share records available, we have been able to identify an unprecedented number of shareholdings since the search has been included as part of our Financial Asset Search.

Furthermore, we now include the total number of shares held in each holding. This information can easily be used to establish the value of holdings prior to any grants being applied for.

As many solicitors and administrators will know, share registrars are unable to complete a generic search for any holdings, meaning that many will go undetected for years or may never be claimed.

Using our unique and extensive searching capabilities, we can conduct a search against all variations of name and address that the deceased may have been registered too with no restrictions. This means that there is a much greater chance of locating a record, even if the record held, is slightly in accurate or an address has been missed.

In many recent searches, we were able to find holdings with Link and Computershare that would have previously been missed due to the inability to search these organisations. Following analysis of a large probate firm’s historic files, we found that on average, in 4% of cases, at least one shareholding had been missed at the time of administration, which equated to over £65K being uncovered.

Inheritance Data continues to help modernise the probate process with our easy to use and streamlined portal, allowing probate professionals to easily identify all assets that are due to the estate and offer complete estate due diligence.

Inheritance Data go the extra mile to protect probate professionals. Every search includes our unique warranty so, should any case need to be opened due to a missed asset, we will reimburse additional costs up to £10,000 for 10 years.

To find out more about our comprehensive Financial Asset Search, please contact a member of the team today on 01603 673250 or email [email protected].

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There are billions of pounds of unclaimed assets floating ‘in limbo’, in fact, an estimated £200 billion lies in dormant accounts held by UK financial institutions, lost pensions and stocks and the figure is increasing year on year. Inheritance Data is the UK's leading asset searching platform, designed to explore financial institutions' records to establish the deceased’s financial history and expose any lost assets which are owed to the estate during estate administration. Acting on behalf of probate solicitors, estate administrators and other professionals, Inheritance Data contacts over 200 financial institutions accounting for over 350 databases, across the UK, to establish the presence of a financial profile or footprint of the deceased. These searches are a vital, best practice element of every administration of a deceased’s estate. We have a significant track record of relationships built over many years with both financial institutions and probate professionals which ensures our place as market leaders.

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