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How WillSuite is helping solicitors during Free Wills Month

Free Wills Month is coming up this March, and it’s a fantastic campaign that offers members of the public over the age of 55 with an opportunity to create or update their Wills, all for free or for a discounted price. This month-long campaign is made possible by participating solicitors who collaborate with a variety of different charities. Members of the public who take part are encouraged to leave a gift to a charity of their choice, which is one of the driving forces of the campaign.

With the campaign month just around the corner, I thought I would take the opportunity to explore some of the ways WillSuite can help keep your Free Wills Month workflow on track while streamlining many different areas of your business.

Intuitive and dynamic drafting

Drafting on WillSuite is done through intuitive and dynamic questionnaires. Some key advantages of drafting with this format are:

  • Faster, more efficient drafting of documents
  • Highly reduced double-data entry
  • Consistency
  • Streamlined error checking process

With the increase in workload during Free Wills Month, it is easy to see how these advantages can promote efficiency while helping you balance your existing client work.

Charity database lookup

WillSuite has a feature that is linked up to the charity register, which means during the drafting process you are able to search for any registered charity and pull through their organisation number, name and full address into a document instantly. Let’s say it normally takes 10 minutes to retrieve and draft five different charity details into a Will, with WillSuite this process would take as little as two minutes.

Appointment scheduling

Through the software you are able to book appointments with your clients which can all be set up with confirmation and reminders via SMS or Email. Taking efficient instruction from your Free Wills Month clients is important to ensure you can work through cases with consistency and efficiency.

Integrated email and SMS communication

In addition to the case management and CRM functionality of WillSuite, you also have the ability to send direct Email and SMS communication to your clients. Being able to use the software to both manage and communicate with your clients helps to establish one source of truth and promote efficiency through convenience. Before adopting WillSuite many of our users found themselves using an array of different tools to manage and communicate with their client base. This complicated the process and added many additional steps to their workday. WillSuite helps to consolidate this, bringing everything our users need in one place.

Pipeline workflow tracking

With WillSuite you are able to set up custom workflows that reflect the type of client and the type of work you’re taking on. What this means for Free Wills Month is that you can create a custom process that can reflect the stage of the client journey, send out bespoke automated communication via Email or SMS like reminders and updates and automate the creation of tasks to keep you and the team on track with workloads. One great application we like to recommend is building a feedback stage into the pipeline with a Google or Trustpilot review link incorporated into it. This really helps to generate positive reviews from your clients.

If you’re currently participating in Free Wills Month and want to see how we can help you, make sure to reach out to a member of the team! info@willsuite.co.uk

This article was submitted to be published by WillSuite as part of their advertising agreement with Today’s Wills and Probate. The views expressed in this article are those of the submitter and not those of Today’s Wills and Probate.

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